Make Customer Inquiries Work for You

Admin . 01st December, 2022 . 3 Min Read

Excellent customer service is the best approach to increasing your client’s level of trust in your business. In fact, 96% of consumers agree that when choosing a brand, customer service is very important.

How you respond to customer service inquiries is another essential component of providing exceptional customer service. When a consumer approaches you with a query, how you manage it will ultimately influence how satisfied your customer is with their experience. 67% of customer churn rate is avoidable if problems are resolved the first time they arise.

What is customer inquiry?

A customer inquiry is a customer seeking assistance from an organization to answer a question about services or products.

Businesses today use a variety of methods to interact with customers. Brands strive to create an Omni channel experience that best serves their consumers, from Omni messaging to personalized emails.

As a result, messaging via short message service or social media message service has become a channel that many customer service teams are starting to use.

Why is it Important to Respond to Customer Inquiries?

Avoiding negative feedback and comments.

Responding to client inquiries is essential because it will help you avoid unfavorable ratings and feedback.

A company can succeed or fail based on just a few negative comments, whether they are related to your service, quickness of response, or products being sought after.

Customers who made inquiries will feel ignored if a business does not respond to them right away or at all. And they'll probably spread the word about it.

If you take too long to react to those questions, clients will get the impression that you don't care. They might immediately take their business elsewhere as a result of this. Additionally, the unfavorable reviews they write about their awful experience will undoubtedly affect prospective clients.

Building the Brand and a Good Reputation

On the one hand, poor customer reviews may fail a company if they feel ignored, but if you respond to consumer questions promptly, they will feel important. Additionally, it demonstrates your concern for customer happiness as a company. As a result, your brand's reputation will improve.

It demonstrates that the interests of the consumer are put first and that there is more going on than a simple money grab.

Increase sales and improve service quality.

It's crucial to respond to client inquiries. Potentially positive online reviews boost the company's capacity to attract additional clients in the future. Additionally, it will benefit your company's ability to develop new goods and services. For instance, If customers frequently ask the same questions about a product because it may be difficult to use or confusing, this indicates that the product may need to be improved.

Tips for managing the workflow of your customer service inquiries for positive results.

1. Select the right support channel.

When choosing a platform for your organization, you'll have a variety of channels to pick from because communication is a broad concept. You have the choice of using SMS, Chatbots, direct messaging through social media, or other messaging channels.

Consider which channels might have the most traction and demand before opening them. Select the customer care channels that will best serve your company by gathering feedback from the connected consumers who are already using the established help channels. Additionally, conduct market research to determine which channels are appropriate for businesses similar to yours. Study your rivals to see what they are selling and how they are expanding their customer service support system. Think whether it makes sense to scale your customer support using their strategies.

2. Classify the inquiries

Each customer care request should be prioritized before being divided into categories based on the kind of request. This ensures that the right team member receives the question right away and can respond quickly and effectively.

3. Analyze the Data

If you don't measure the outcomes and then evaluate the data, you won't know, if it’s working or not.

Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) that you'll use to monitor the effectiveness of your customer care is essential. Examples range from the typical handle time to the typical response time, typical resolution time, typical ticket close rate, and more.


When clients ask queries, the clock begins to tick. To give clients the answers they need quickly, you must be able to quickly find the appropriate information, speak with the appropriate person, and deliver that information.

A great customer engagement platform may help you become a market leader, to the point where businesses are now leveraging it to differentiate themselves from competitors. A bad client experience may instantly ruin your brand.

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