Promote & Chat

A Customer Engagement Platform to form connections beyond promotions.

This is the Hub for happy customers

Reach via SMS Promotions, Connect through a chat, Engage with every customer in one place!

An SMS Promotion that takes your business beyond a text message

Send out offers, product launches and important alerts to your customer base and hook them on with an SMS that converts to a chat.

Instantly respond to customer inquiries in any language

Let your customers talk to you through any chat channel

Personalize messages to make your customers feel special

Schedule messages to reach your customers on time

Reach a wider audience each time you promote

Your own customer contact center to Engage and build a connection that lasts forever

Never lose a customer due to delays or lack of information. Chat and engage with your customers ASAP to give them more details, better services and quick responses all in one place.

There's More!

Analytics and Data Visualization

A dashboard to help you boost customer services.

Agent Monitoring

Oversee your agent activity and services to improve service quality.

Promotion Optimization

Understand your customers, group them and send out targeted SMS promotions.

Your Success is our happiness

24/7 customer support

We provide a range of benefits for you to seamlessly manage your customers, monitor customer services and optimise your resource management.

Talito is for Everyone

Marketing & Advertising

Manage all shoutouts from a single place.

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Interact and Engage with customers everyday.

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Announce and manage stock sales and best deals.

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Assure your customers that they're never alone.

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Hotels & Restaurants

Attract and retain a loyal customer base.

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Tutor and educate from where ever you are.

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Health & Beauty

Show your customers you're thinking about them.

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Manage your first mile, main leg and last mile seamlessly.

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Hire the cream of pie.

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NGOs & Community groups

Serve the community better.

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