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With Talito, double, triple, and quadruple your marketing and advertising impact by showcasing your products & services by taking your message to where the customer is, rather than making them come to your messaging platform.
WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Signal, Telegram, and website Chatbot

Talito makes customer-engagement fast and easy for you!

Talito integrates all chats into a single channel.

Smooth handling of multiple chats

Speedy response to customer inquiries

Personalized attention to every query

Zero risk of overlooking a message

Talito’s multi-user feature allows you to manage your own messaging and will also facilitate adding more team members (should you need it) to manage conversations so that instant transfer of chats can be done seamlessly to improve response times.

Seamless conversations

Any team member can pick up a conversation from where it was left off by accessing the chat history.

Superior customer service

Harness the expertise of all your team members who may have expert knowledge in different customer queries to improve the accuracy of your responses.

Improve the speed at which you respond

Customers want their queries to be responded to immediately. With a centralized messaging platform, you and your team can do just that in seconds.

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