When Customer Engagement is an Exchange

Admin . 08th July, 2020 . 5 Min Read

So you have an important announcement to make to your clients. Maybe it is a new product or service, or perhaps you are launching a promotional campaign, or it could be a change to your schedule. Of course you can send out a bulk SMS to inform your customers, but what if they need more information? What happens if they have questions to ask you?

Well, they could email you, but emails take time as there is an unpredictable and often lengthy wait for a response. Besides, there is no guarantee that the email will adequately address the matter being raised and so may need a whole chain of correspondence. Phone calls are another option, but we are all familiar with the tedious wait time just to be connected with a customer service agent. It is possible to check out a website, but this too could be a hassle, requiring navigating multiple tabs and links to get to the required information. All this could be off-putting for consumers who expect almost instantaneous responses.

This is why you need ‘Talito’, a trailblazing promotional and customer engagement tool. With Talito you can embed a link into your SMS that, once clicked, will open up a web chat facility, allowing the recipient to contact you immediately. These recipients can get instant feedback and answers. The ability to quickly receive information will increase their likelihood of jumping on board, offering you valuable opportunities for lead conversions and increased brand loyalty.

Talito includes a promotional space and an engagement space in a single platform. This multifaceted web portal offers bulk SMS, web chat, attachments, multiple user access, and data analytics. You can reach a wide audience with minimal effort, because Talito will oversee and run your campaigns for you. Communication is direct and hassle-free, requiring neither app download nor additional details.

The recipients for each communication could vary and Talito has the flexibility to choose who you want to reach. You could shoot out a mass SMS covering your entire customer base or you could aim at a very specific group of people. Talito provides the ability to create custom lists for different segments. This pre-arranged grouping makes selecting your target audience so much more efficient. You can also schedule promotions and messages, defining in advance the parameters for these. Should you face difficulty expressing yourself, help is at hand to draft messages.

When engaging with a customer via Talito’s web chat, you have the option of switching between agents. Thus, depending on the questions being asked and information being sought, the conversation can be handed over directly to the most suitable agent, enabling you to supply the most relevant and useful answers. So, unlike in a phone call, where a customer tends to be passed from pillar to post, enduring lengthy minutes of annoying hold music, the transfers are swift and seamless with minimum delay in response time. Agents can view the chat history and so provide superior quality customer service.

These one-on-one web chats are a useful tool for discerning customers’ needs. The types of questions being asked are very telling of what a customer is looking for. They also shed light on what type of details are needed when launching campaigns and sending out information. This knowledge can feed into future campaigns, while also providing direction for upgrades and innovations. Combine this personalised understanding of customer needs with the data from Talito’s analytics and you have a series of valuable actionable insights.

Statistics prove that SMS is one of the most effective ways to reach a customer, with open rates as high as 98%. In fact, 85% of customers say they prefer receiving a text message over a phone call or email, making SMS also the friendliest way to communicate with a client. There are currently 3.3 billion people who access the internet via mobile and it is predicted that by 2025, 72.6% of internet users will access the web via mobile only, using their smartphones. Given that Talito combines both SMS and web chat, you are able to capitalise on these market trends to boost your business. The numbers make it clear, Talito will place you at an undeniable advantage