Chat Your Way to Better Customer Service

Admin . 26th December, 2020 . 5 Min Read

Would you believe that texting or SMS (Short Message Service) has been around for over 25 years?! That’s right, we’ve been chatting via SMS for over two decades and it still remains the most popular data platform application, with over 80% of mobile subscribers using it. Originating as a mode of personal exchange, SMS has become increasingly more popular for commercial communication. From promotions and reminders, to updates and competitions, SMS can be a quick and efficient form of getting useful information across to customers.

While texting is invaluable for businesses to provide succinct information in a speedy manner to a large group of people, it remains, in essence, a one-way street. The business sends information which the customer receives. The benefits of reaching out to a customer via SMS are immense and yet, the inability to respond to such a message could be limiting and sometimes even counter-productive. This is where a two-way communication platform comes into play, helping to expand and enrich customer relations

The essence of an SMS is captured in its name, with the first ‘S’ standing for ‘short’. A standard message is restricted to 160 characters. Within this limited framework, messages are generally brief and so contain only the basic and most salient information. So what happens when your customers want to know more? Or supposing they need some clarification? With smart phones it is possible to combine multiple messages and have them display as a single text and while this sounds viable on paper, the per text charges still apply thus driving up costs. Plus, lengthy messages get unwieldy and receivers are less likely to read through them in full. A two-way communication platform allows you to embed a link into your SMS that, once clicked, will trigger a web chat. This opens up a gateway for a customer’s questions to be answered, giving them direct access to all the extra information they need and enabling them to receive prompt answers to their questions.

With the kind of two-way communication we are discussing, the customer initiates the web chat. Thus they choose when they would like to contact you and the exchange happens largely on their terms. This is another huge plus for a customer, who is given complete control over the timing of the communication. This prevents those ill-timed phone calls and long waits between emails. Being able to call the shots will definitely boost the customer experience and we all know what this means for business!

Some text messages direct customers to a website, but that can be quite convoluted and time consuming. With the two-way platform, the communication is instant and immediate. This is so much easier than navigating through multiple tabs on a website. Being able to receive direct answers in a timely manner increases customer satisfaction, making it another win for business

We should never underestimate the importance of the human touch. Two-way communication platforms facilitate a dialogue. When a web chat is triggered, it becomes a real-time discussion. The recognition that this is a conversation with a real person can make a customer feel that they are being taken seriously. This vests more value in the exchange and, you guessed it, score for you and your business!

They say that effective communication is key to a successful relationship and the relationship you foster with your customer is no exception. Talito gives your business all the benefits of a two-way communication platform and then some. It is an easy and efficient way to engage with your customers on a one-on-one basis, thus keeping you closely connected with them.