Bank on Us: How Talito Can Help Enhance Customer Confidence in Your Bank

Admin . 18th September, 2020 . 5 Min Read

For banks, staying connected with customers is key. Seamless two-way communication plays a vital role in winning customer confidence and strengthening customer loyalty. A digital channel is both an efficient and environmentally friendly mode of client interaction. The history of web-based exchanges can be tracked more easily paving the way to providing superior customer service. All communication processes can also be centralized facilitating smooth operations.

As a multi-functional digital communication platform, Talito is a conduit for your bank to connect with customers. Through Talito’s promotional and engagement spaces you can both convey information as well as conduct real-time virtual conversations. All forms of communication are managed from one portal, which means the hassle of coordinating disparate channels has been done away with. Talito has a range of functions giving you multiple options through which to reach out to your clients.

SMS remains the most straightforward mode of disseminating information. Be it an update on operating hours, changes to terms and conditions, the opening of a branch, or the introduction of a new type of account, a simple text message is still the easiest way to keep your customers in the know. With Talito’s bulk SMS option, you can cover your entire customer base with one message. If you have something to tell a specific category of customers, you can use the segmentation option, directing your text to just that group of people. Generic messages can be tweaked to suit the context of the different lists so that people receive information directly relevant to them.

Quite apart from bulk SMS, you can also send highly personalized messages to individual customers. Bank statements or other account-related material can be conveyed via a text message through either an attachment or an embedded link. As security and privacy are paramount these could be tailored to be activated by a password, which could be delivered in a different text. While it may seem complicated to manage separate messages to thousands of clients, the reality is that this can be carried out through a simple Excel spreadsheet incorporating names and contact details.

Talito also offers a web chat feature making quality customer care available with a simple click. Consumers have all sorts of questions and, in this information-driven market, they want to know as much as they can. People are also very cautious when it comes to their money and often need reassurances to allay their fears. Being able to immediately address these concerns will be a huge boost to your bank’s credibility. By integrating a chat client into an SMS, customers can click on the link and instantly engage in an online discussion with one of your customer care representatives. Because of the multi-user access it is possible to smoothly switch between agents so queries can be tackled in both a timely and accurate manner. Chat histories are also easily accessible enabling focused and individualized responses.

Today’s consumers are discerning and demanding. They want the right information at the right time. They also need to feel confident that their interests are being taken care of by their bank and that, no matter the scale of their investments, their money matters. Openness and transparency through frequent and clear communication are crucial for a bank to win a customer’s trust. Through Talito’s promotional and engagement spaces you can effortlessly keep your customers updated and address their specific needs.