Conversing with customers

Admin . 30th June, 2021 . 3 Min Read

So you have an important announcement to deliver to your clientele. Maybe it's a new product or service, or maybe you're starting a promotional campaign, or maybe it's a shift in your timetable. Of course, you may send out a mass SMS to notify your consumers, but what if they require additional information? What if they have some questions for you?

They could email you, however emails take time because the response time is uncertain and often long. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the email will appropriately address the issue at hand, necessitating a lengthy chain of contact. Phone calls are another alternative, but we've all experienced the agonizing wait time merely to speak with a customer support representative. It is possible to look at a website, but this can be time-consuming due to the need to navigate several tabs and connections to get to the necessary information. All of this may be off-putting to customers who anticipate near-instantaneous responses.

This is why you require 'Talito,' a cutting-edge promotional and consumer engagement tool. With Talito, you may integrate a link in your SMS that, when clicked, opens a web chat window, allowing the client to reach you right away. These recipients can receive immediate comments and responses. The ability to obtain information fast will boost their chances of joining you, providing you with excellent opportunities for lead conversions and enhanced brand loyalty.

Talito is a single platform that combines a promotional space and an engagement space. Bulk SMS, web chat, attachments, multiple user access, and data analytics are all available through this versatile web platform. Because Talito will manage and monitor your campaigns, you can reach a large number of people with little effort. Communication is simple and straightforward, requiring no app download or other information.

Each communication's receivers may differ, and Talito gives you the freedom to pick who you wish to reach out to. You might send a mass SMS to your whole consumer base, or you could target a specific set of customers. Talito allows you to construct unique lists for distinct parts. This pre-arranged category greatly simplifies the process of selecting your target audience. You can also schedule promos and messages, defining the settings in advance. If you're having trouble expressing yourself, there's someone who can assist you draft texts.

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