SMS as a New PA system for schools and institutes

Admin . 26th August, 2021 . 2 Min Read

Another lockdown? You can’t be surprised how often they come and go these days. Now that’s done, how are you going to keep managing sending out reminders about payments or notices?

We understand that this is only a small part of what you want to communicate to your students, teachers, and parents on a regular basis.

Reminders or any kind of message sent by mail or delivered to students' homes is frequently delayed or neglected. As a result, an SMS service will be an excellent means of communication. Within seconds, you can easily build a message and send it to the intended recipients, putting it at the fingertips of teachers, parents, and students.

  1. Send reminders

    Schools and institutes can utilize SMS to send reminders about registrations, assignment deadlines, and submission dates, among other things. They can also be used to notify students and parents about meetings, late fees reminders, and other important information. 

  2. Emergencies/Notifications to your students and internal staffs

    In the event of any special activities or emergency events teachers can provide students and parents with the necessary information so that they are aware.

    Also, it is tough for large educational institutions with hundreds of teaching and non-teaching employees to send out any essential circulars or notifications. It saves time and effort to send an SMS to distribute a notice.

  3. Events and holidays

    Regular events like seminars and holidays in schools/colleges can be communicated to students, parents, and participants via SMSes to coordinate and update them.

Why Talito?

  1. It’s cost effective - Marketing efforts may be expensive, especially when they include print media, visual media, PPC ads, and other forms of advertising. Sending an SMS via the internet, on the other hand, is far less expensive. With SMS's excellent conversion rates, it's feasible to generate an incredible return of investment  while saving time and money.

  2. Straight to the recipient - Text message notifications are delivered directly to the recipient's inbox and remain there until they are opened. Email messages, on the other hand, may go unopened for hours or even days.

  3. It’s measurable - Because click rate can be tracked. After the first set of text messages has been delivered, you may evaluate your effectiveness and determine whether or not to continue.