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Deliver personalized and unified customer experience across all channels.

Consumers interact with a wide range of media sources on a regular basis; rather than waiting for customers to find their brand, marketers must determine which channels these customers like and meet them there.

When the number of available channels grows, so does the number of potential client interaction points.

For your Marketing Team

Single source of truth for cross-channel marketing campaigns

For your Customer Support Team

Answering customer queries in one go

For your Customers

Personal, relevant, and intelligent messages at every touch point, not just one or two channels

Boost multichannel message performance with a platform designed for
high-volume, high-speed, and low-latency communications.

Collect your customer data

Platform enables you to store all of your customer information in a single location. By tracking customer sentiments, it becomes easy to initiate automatic campaigns and see the most amount of success from your marketing initiatives.

Easy integrations

Our communications platform is tailored to your needs. Send cross-channel messages effortlessly and securely by adding a few lines of code to your current apps.

Expert support

You receive more than simplified powerful infrastructure when you use Talito. You will be working with a devoted partner who has many years of expertise and is eager to assist you in taking your communication procedures to another level.

Pick the Right Channels for Your Customers

  • WhatsApp Business
  • Instagram messaging
  • Viber
  • Facebook Messenger


Customer profile management

Allows for the maintenance of customer databases, including the update, deletion, and management of numerous databases.

Messaging portal

The Messaging Portal becomes a major operational tool to distribute communications via many platforms, the fastest and most efficient way to keep customers updated.


The built-in survey module allows you to send appropriate surveys to consumers to obtain feedback on general service, specific purchases, repairs, etc. Thus, improving customer happiness and lifetime value.

Start engaging your customers with your business