Are chatting and engaging worth it?

Admin . 08th November, 2022 . 3 Min Read

Customers of today connect with businesses through a variety of channels, including mobile phones, laptops, social media, chat, email, self-service, and websites, and they expect such interactions to be seamless and catered to their preferences. Additionally, studies reveal that buyers consult about ten sources of information across all media before making a purchase.

The seamless experience that many consumers today demand before making purchases is made possible by the consumer's capacity to utilize digital technology at their convenience to explore products, distinguish between brands, read reviews, check product availability, and more.

Businesses should concentrate on giving clients a variety of methods to engage with their brand because doing so can enhance their entire experience.

Customer engagement across all channels becomes important in this situation. It's a distinctive marketing strategy in which companies keep their information and messaging the same across all platforms. Maintaining a smooth transition across channels and managing them from a single platform are its key goals. The goal of this kind of engagement is to make it simple to manage each customer's dispersed interactions and guarantee unique experiences.

Businesses will be able to support each customer's journey and maintain messaging consistency across all channels and touchpoints by implementing an Omni channel strategy.

Omni-channel messaging will continue to engage customers

  • Research says SMS has a higher click-through rate (19 percent) compared to landing on the first page of Google search engine results page (SERPs), which is at 34.36 percent, email marketing (4 percent), and Facebook (1 percent).

  • The average WhatsApp user spends 19.4 hours, or approximately 38 minutes, per day on the app.

  • According to the Digital 2021 Global Overview Report, Facebook Messenger is the fourth most-used social platform in the world with 1.3 billion users.

Tips to Create Omni channel Customer Engagement Strategy

Identify the customers' preferred channels.

Customers always want the independence and flexibility to contact businesses through the channels of their choice.

Improve your knowledge of your consumers and the possible avenues of communication they may have with your company. You can use that information to determine which channels are most appropriate for your Omni channel approach.

Customer Journey Mapping.

Consumer journey planning is essential to better comprehending customer expectations and enhancing their experience at every stage. Customers can receive individualized experiences when you map out the customer's journey.

Customers' demands can be catered to by using journey mapping, which makes it simple to understand what they want. Additionally, it makes it easier to target the prospect across touchpoints.

Determine the customer's pain points.

Happy customers are never an accident. They are the outcome of a predetermined plan. Additionally, having a large record of satisfied clients demonstrates that you have been providing excellent service throughout the entire process.

You must take action to find and address any customer service or communication pain spots if you don't want their experience with your brand to suffer. Analyzing consumer pain points is essential for enhancing various customer-type experiences.

Make use of a Customer Engagement Platform.

To provide seamless experiences to customers across touchpoints, the appropriate tools and technologies are required. Your company won't be able to implement an omnichannel consumer interaction strategy if it lacks the necessary resources.

Giving clients the ability to switch between channels while yet maintaining communication flow should be the major goal. You need to make sure customers are comfortable using their preferred channels and touchpoints rather than offering any channel value.


The emotional bond between customers and your brand is what drives customer engagement. Customers that are more engaged with your brand are more inclined to make larger purchases, spread the word about it, and come back again.

Meeting your target audience through their preferred medium can enhance customer engagement and revenue. Omni channel customer interaction approach might be difficult to ensure that the customer experience is consistent and that it meets the customer's needs across numerous channels.

You can overcome these obstacles and produce excellent outcomes for your company with the Omni channel customer engagement platform. Omni-channel messaging can be used by all businesses, regardless of industry, to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and conversions. Send an email to with your inquiry. Or, click here to find out more!