Why is an instant messaging platform ideal for e-commerce businesses?

Admin . 17th June, 2022 . 5 Min Read

It's no surprise that the majority of consumers are digital. Digitalization has offered people the option of shopping in online retailers, allowing them to save time.

80% of millennials check their phone first thing in the morning. Their phones are always around and ready to be utilized for everything from searching for information to checking the most recent social media updates.

Clients are a lot more demanding nowadays, and they not only want online purchases, but they also want them to be available on their preferred channels, because other competitors are also offering it, and they don't want to spend their time on websites that a messaging platform entails advertising and selling across all of the channels via which your customers can communicate with you.

How does a text message survey work?

An SMS questionnaire collects fast, simple data from respondents. Due to the fact that shorter questionnaires are simpler to respond to on a mobile device, many text surveys only consist of one or two questions.

Reasons to employ instant messaging platform marketing campaigns in ecommerce

It reaches a large number of people.

In January 2021, the total number of mobile connections in Sri Lanka was 141.7 percent of the entire population. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of internet users in Sri Lanka increased by 800 thousand (+7.9%). The majority of them are capable of sending instant messages. This number will only increase as more individuals utilize digital technology.

By now, it should be evident that mobile phones are more than simply communication devices; they're also an integral part of the eCommerce ecosystem. In fact, 79 percent of smartphone users completed an online transaction with their device in the last six months. This demonstrates that consumers are already utilizing their phones as shopping malls, making an instant messaging platform the ideal solution.

It's engaging and personable

Instant messaging platforms offer a fantastic way to increase consumer interaction. Instant messages have a staggering opening rate of over 95%.

Within the first three minutes, 90 percent of instant messages are opened. Furthermore, the audience is much more familiar with instant messages as a means of communication.

Furthermore, an instant message feels more personal than a transactional message more it's like a conversation with a buddy. Instant messaging is authentic, useful, and enticing because of its simplicity.

It is effective in terms of client service.

The use of an instant messaging network cuts down on customer support calls.

Instant messages are shorter than emails and require less time to compose. When it's convenient for them, customers can send a fast SMS message. Companies can even react in real time.

It is a progression from mobile-friendly ecommerce.

Did you know that smartphone searches now account for 61% of all Google searches?

When you send instant messages to your clients, you're engaging them on their mobile devices and leading them to your mobile website, where they're more likely to make a purchase.

It fosters trust.

Customers are unsure when purchasing from an unfamiliar store: is the store trustworthy? Is it dependable? This apprehension may deter potential customers from taking action.

Instant messaging assist ecommerce firms break down the virtual barrier, making customers feel heard, valued, and ultimately closer to their favorite brands. And this is precisely what creates the trust necessary to complete a deal.

Easily trackable

You can track your instant messaging platform campaigns in the same manner you can track your Facebook ads. You can gain an analytical understanding of what works and what doesn't.

How to Implement instant messaging platform in E-Commerce

Send marketing promotions.

Sending subscribers discounts, early access to sales, and coupon codes is the most prevalent e-commerce instant messaging platform use case. This can be done in the first welcome message or at any time after someone has signed up.

You can also cross-promote sponsors and partners. Because you don't want to send too many instant messages or share irrelevant deals, the art of delivering offers is delicate.

Segmentation and personalization can help these types of instant messaging be more effective. Consider segmenting your audience so that you may deliver them hyper-relevant offers.

For example, you could send an instant message advertising a 10% off vehicle shampoo sale to a subset of your audience who has just searched for car sponge on your website. To improve your ROI using an instant messaging platform, use behaviors and past purchase data to increase the relevancy of your one-time promotional messages.

Order changes.

It's convenient and useful to provide your clients frequent updates about their orders.

You can contact your customers to confirm a purchase, convey an item's expected delivery timeframe, and send real-time status updates if an order is delayed or accelerated with timely order updates.

40% of respondents say the most crucial factor in an online purchase is delivery. That's why keeping consumers up to date on their orders or announcing a shipping delay is one of the most common uses of instant messages for e-commerce.

Abandoned Cart Messages.

The typical cart abandonment rate is around 75%, you must minimize the chances of missing out on high-intent customers. Consumers are juggling a lot of things at once, so it's up to you as a merchant to remind them and make it simple for them to complete their purchases.

Ask customers a question

Send a poll or a brief survey to your consumers inquiring what they think about your most recent product launch, brand revamp, or anything else you think will help you with customer engagement and acquisition.


To get an advantage over competitors, you must be able to connect with the appropriate customer at the right moment. When you need to target your prospects, the instant messaging platform comes in helpful. After all, it allows you to reach into the pockets of your customers. This is where marketing software for instant messaging platforms might come in handy. The correct instant messaging platform software can help you improve your marketing game, whether it's through personalization, segmentation, or automation.

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