Instant messaging platform for car dealerships

Admin . 10th June, 2022 . 1 Min Read

Although many car dealerships and repair shops provide digital access to customer information, the services they provide are frequently still primarily analog. Car dealerships can reap many benefits from implementing instant messaging, and a good number of them have already done so. We'll walk you through the steps to ensure that your car dealership's use of instant messaging and other messaging apps does not compromise the confidentiality of customer information.

Why car dealerships should use instant messaging for digital customer communication

  1. Higher customer satisfaction

  2. The use of instant messaging to provide customer service is not only quick but also innovative and leads to improved user experiences. You can improve the overall satisfaction of your customers by using this. According to research published in The Washington Post, providing customer service through messaging apps leads to an increase in customer satisfaction that is 25 percent higher than using email.

  3. More attention

  4. Apps designed for messaging are used for having conversations in real time that also support multimedia. Documents, videos, photos, voice messages, etc. can be sent in just seconds. In addition, Instant messages are displayed on the lock screen of the user's device, which enables you to attract the attention of the user.

  5. Lower costs

  6. You can save money by automating processes with instant messages that are simple to create. For instance, if you set up an instant message in First Level Support to pre-qualify the requests made by customers, you will be able to invest your resources in providing superior support at the second level. Your staff members have more time to devote to responding to complicated requests while maintaining a personal touch.

  7. Better reachability

  8. The opening hours of the car dealership have no bearing whatsoever on the availability of communication through messaging apps. You will be able to provide first-rate assistance around the clock if you utilize chatbots.

  9. Better customer connection

  10. The majority of instant messaging conversations take place between close friends and family members. When companies or service providers interact with customers through these channels, the customers welcome them into their inner circle, and the companies stand to benefit from a more direct and intimate connection with their clientele.

Another advantage of using instant messaging is that it places individuals squarely in the middle of the process of purchasing a vehicle. When it comes down to it, there's just something about having to fill out forms and then wait for a response that feels really impersonal. Furthermore, maintaining healthy relationships is essential in today's world.

By utilizing Talito platform and managed instant messaging services, you will be able to capitalize on the revolution in messaging and initiate the process of turning messaging into an advantage over your competitors. Find out how simple it is to get started by having a conversation with a knowledgeable automotive messaging specialist today.