How to send surveys using text messages?

Admin . 06th June, 2022 . 2 Min Read

SMS surveys are a means of collecting feedback from clients that yields high response rates and useful data. The world is literally at our fingers now that smartphones have been around for almost a decade. It wasn't long before people were required to log in to their computers in order to complete an online survey. The smartest businesses, on the other hand, have progressed from this point. Not only is sending surveys by SMS smart, but it's also a quick approach to collect data.

Customer feedback, student feedback, and employee feedback can all be collected quite effectively through the use of surveys. Since sending surveys by email is a common way to spread information, you might be surprised to hear that there is another helpful option.

Sending surveys through textmessaging enables you to connect with participants immediately on a device that they are likely to have on them and within reach at all times. It is common knowledge that the majority of individuals spend a significant amount of time on their mobile phones. When you send a survey to your respondents, they will immediately be able to view it as a consequence of this.

How does a text message survey work?

An SMS questionnaire collects fast, simple data from respondents. Due to the fact that shorter questionnaires are simpler to respond to on a mobile device, many text surveys only consist of one or two questions.

Common use cases for sending text surveys

  • Customer satisfaction - gauge customer satisfaction on a quarterly basis or automatically send a survey after every Support interaction

  • Market research - collect market data to identify company and user trends

  • Customer engagement - send text surveys to your customers to track how engaged they are and what they'd like to see changed in your businesses.

Advantages of a text message survey

Text messages provide plenty of benefits to help you get the information you need, including:

  • Increased participation: These days, almost everyone keeps their mobile phone within arm's reach at all times. People are using their mobile devices for entertainment during breaks, on their commutes, and even before they get out of bed in the morning. After the notification has been displayed on the respondent's phone, it is highly unlikely that they will ignore it.

  • Cost-effective: Text surveys typically cost less than other methods of data collection, making them an economical choice. The majority of service providers assess a nominal fee per SMS message sent. Texting is a cost-effective communication method that can help you reach a smaller population if you need to do so.

  • Accurate answers: In today's world, a person's mobile phone acts as an extension of their persona. When respondents get a message via text, it makes them more likely to relax and answer questions honestly. Your participants are at ease when answering your questions in an open and honest manner. Additionally, they will take pleasure in knowing that you value the responses they provide.

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