How to Send a Text Message with Maximum ROI

Admin . 20th May, 2022 . 4 Min Read

Consumers are increasingly going mobile in today's digital marketplace. This presents a fantastic chance for brands to communicate with their customers via text messaging. On a daily basis, the average person receives 42 text messages.

SMS has a proven track record of delivering a high return on investment. You may create a multi-channel strategy with SMS marketing that targets the type of audience that matters to your company.

Any marketing campaign's success is in large part determined by its return on investment (ROI). A successful marketing plan will generate an immediate return on investment and contribute to business expansion.

While there are numerous aspects that go into estimating a marketing strategy's ROI, there are three major factors that can help decide whether or not a positive ROI will be achieved: cost, reach, and engagement.

How to Send a Text Message with Maximum ROI

  • Increase response rates by using targeted offers.

  • Customers respond to various offerings in different ways. Sending personalized offers to clients based on their interests and previous purchasing patterns is the best approach to enhance response rates and hence the ROI for your company's text marketing.

    Information you've already gathered about your clients. Then you may target the clients who are most likely to respond with offers.

    As an example, suppose you're having a large sale on children's clothing this month. Customers who buy these types of things from your store on a regular basis are more likely to be interested in this offer than those who have never made one.

    You prevent wasting money on clients who will ignore the message by just sending the promotion to people who are likely to be interested. This also aids in avoiding client ad fatigue because you can become more smart about which offers are presented to each customer.

  • Send a Text Message that Offers Value.

  • Make sure that whatever you communicate through marketing text messages is relevant and provides value to the customer's experience with your company.

    "Think about messaging that will pleasure your customers when you're ready to reach out to your list," Wilson advised. "Coupons, discounts, and sneak peeks are crowd-pleasers that should make your customers happy. Create high-value messaging that explains how your product or service will address their problems and provide actual value to them. In addition to promotional offers, providing relevant information will create a sense of anticipation and surprise.

  • Send Your Message at the Appropriate Time.

  • By allowing your customers to opt-in to receiving marketing messages, you may reach out to them at the right times for your company. A restaurant, for example, would send an SMS around 11:00 a.m. to entice the user to come in for lunch.

    Keep in mind, though, that sending a tailored marketing message at the incorrect moment might quickly turn off your customers.

    Before pressing the ‘send' button, double-check that you understand the message's timing. For brands who want to send a text message with optimum ROI, time is essential, just like any other sort of marketing.

  • Cart Upgrade Abandoned

  • Abandoned carts aren't uncommon, and you're highly likely to come across this circumstance at least once. While the concept of abandoned carts is basic, you may not know how important these messages are in terms of increasing ROI.

    Over 65% of internet shoppers abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase. Brands can expect a surge in returning customers and recovered cart rates by sending a timely and targeted abandoned cart SMS message to re-engage high-intent shoppers.

    When a customized sequence of text messages was sent, 33% of carts were retrieved.

  • Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of SMS and multi-channel Marketing

  • All of these suggestions will assist your company in sending a text message with the best possible return on investment. The key to continuing improvement, though, is to keep track of your progress.

    This can be accomplished by including coupon codes or site links in your message, which you can then track to see how many people use the text offer.

    If you're offering an in-store promotion, a prompt in the brand text like "display this coupon at the checkout" might help you keep track of how many people are visiting your store because of the text message they received.

    Once you've tracked your ROI, you'll be able to see which messages and offers are effective and which aren't. This will help you to tweak your brand message and select offers to better your SMS marketing approach. Finally, this will assist your firm in increasing text message ROI even further.

Best Text Marketing Practices for Business

  • Make your objectives known as soon as possible. Inform your contacts that you will be texting them. Customers are more inclined to accept text messages over email if you ask them first!

  • Do not send spam messages to your customers. When it comes to sending texts over emails, there are stricter regulations, which is one of the reasons why business texting is so effective. Your spamming will not only annoy your consumers.

  • Find a sweet spot in terms of time to deliver communications to your clients by experimenting.


One of the most effective marketing methods is SMS and multi-channel messaging. By tracking your SMS and multi-channel campaign ROI indicators, you can improve your campaigns and scale up the most profitable areas, increasing your ROI even further.

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