How industries making the most of multi-channel messaging

Admin . 29th April, 2022 . 4 Min Read

The usage of digital communications has risen across industries as a result of Covid-19. Businesses who had not yet invested in digital tools hurried to come up with new ways to interact with their customers. And many businesses are likely to have felt overwhelmed by the effort.

Fortunately, there are a few basic steps you can take to start connecting with your audience via digital means. If you haven't already, multichannel messaging is a powerful tool to use.

Multi-channel messaging is, at its most basic level, precisely what it sounds like: sending messages to your user base across many channels.

Multichannel automation encompasses automation campaigns spanning mobile, online, SMS, push notifications, and social media, thanks to the advancement of marketing automation.

Businesses want to be present in every channel to create digital touchpoints for their target customers.

There are more touchpoints, hence there is more data. However, because a multichannel strategy essentially seeks to spread the message via as many channels as possible, the data reveals more about the channel than the actual customer.

Benefits of using multi-channel messaging

It enables you to communicate with customers and prospects via their preferred channels, allowing you to stay up with today's mobile-centric, always-on-the-go users. Customers are more engaged, and conversion rates are higher as a result.

Customer feedback allows businesses to better understand what customers want and how to enhance their product and service offerings. Companies may fine-tune their marketing efforts by determining which channels perform best for various client categories and how to target their demands. Customers benefit from having a 360-degree view of their account since it allows for more marketing options and a more personalized experience.

Different methods of multi-channel messaging for marketing

Push notifications

These are frequently seen on a website or in a mobile application. Push alerts, for example, are used to reward customers who purchase something inside a certain time limit.

Messages sent via SMS

Customers can receive SMS or text messages from businesses advertising specials or updates on something they expressed interest in on another channel. Because 90% of individuals read their text messages within the first three minutes, it's no surprise that SMS marketing has become a very effective part of a modern marketer's cross-channel mix.

Any consumer-facing business can utilize SMS marketing to broaden its reach, convert leads to consumers, and keep them coming back for more repeat Business.

SMS marketing may be used successfully in almost any business to improve customer service, acquire legitimate leads, and create a brand.

Industries that use multi-channel messaging


Setting up appointment reminders, receiving diagnostic test results, and receiving prescription reminders are all common uses of SMS in healthcare.


Multi-channel marketing can be used to get viewers, listeners, and readers to pay attention if you work in television, radio, or publishing. Create enticing messages that will get their attention.

Real estate.

Every successful real estate transaction starts with a contact. To generate more leads and close more deals, real estate brokers are employing multi-channel messaging. They may notify their consumer list of new listings in their target areas, send appointment reminders, and save time by texting vital information to consumers.


One of the first industries to embrace text message marketing was the retail industry. Sending coupons and discounts to opted-in customers is the most common text action for retailers. Because many clients are inundated with retail multi- channel messages, you must make yours stand out, for example, by personalizing it, such as by addressing the customer by name, and making it targeted, such as by sending specials and discounts for products you know the customer likes based on their shopping history.

Restaurants and Hotels.

Businesses in the hospitality industry can use texting as part of their marketing strategy by providing exclusive discounts and offers to clients who sign up for a Text loyalty program. Implementing successful text messaging programs can result in an increase in reservations and income for hotels. In addition, hotels can fill empty rooms by offering specials on low-reservation days.

You must locate travelers at the early stages of the buyer's journey in order to entice them to engage with your brand and book. Gaining a grasp of what truly inspires your consumer segment is the most effective method to accomplish this.

Then you can pamper them with high-quality content that connects and engages passengers with a variety of destination and deal-related information. Using a multi-channel approach allows you to tap into client passion spots. Hotels can establish a price point to appeal to their target audience, supported by an emotive message; by taking into account their purchasing intent and motivation.

The magic of a successful multichannel campaign begins with tapping into the customer's passion points and building strategic messaging and creativity around them. Integrate SMS with your booking system to confirm and remind customers about their reservations immediately.

The checkout process can be automated and streamlined via SMS. Rather than slipping invoices under the door or forcing guests to stop by the service desk on check-out day, SMS checkout notifications can be sent automatically and with minimal effort. Not only does this make things easier for the hotel, but it also means the guest has one less thing to worry about or figure out when it comes time to check out.


The consumer is always king in every firm. There's no better way to win clients over than to provide outstanding customer service. SMS speeds up communication and gives banks a tremendous advantage because many areas of their operations can be automated.

By automating various activities such as reminders, alerts, and updates, SMS provides banks with a significant lot of convenience. It also aids in the reduction of human mistake and improves the precision of a variety of tasks.

Banks place the highest priority on customer data protection. Banks can use a multi-channel messaging One-Time Password (OTP) solution to adopt 2FA to add an extra layer of security while accessing financial information, reducing the chance of a data breach. Customers can also use our authentication solution to execute critical transactions in a convenient and secure manner.

Banks and financial firms publicize new schemes, goods, or services to reach out to potential clients, enlightening and piquing their interest, and occasionally offering a direct link to the product page.

You can also offer clients shortened URLs to read bank statements, contracts, and other materials. Multi-channel messaging can also be used to communicate major policy changes that affect clients, as well as events like branch openings.


Many companies are still unaware of what a multi-channel marketing strategy is. It's past time for these companies to see the value of a multi-channel marketing system and put it to work for them.

Multichannel marketing provides your company with various avenues for success. Customers and prospects may be engaged across several channels, both online and offline, with the correct multichannel marketing tactics. This allows you to reach out to prospects, leads, and current clients wherever they are.

Your business may prosper when you meet customers where they are, from understanding the multichannel marketing concept to creating the appropriate strategy. Many customers want a consistent experience across platforms, which the correct multichannel marketing approach can deliver.

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