Key for a sustainable revenue growth in today's agile context

Admin . 29th March, 2022 . 5 Min Read

Organizations and their consumers gain from growth because it provides more chances for people and more resources for innovation.

It's no surprise, then, that growth is at the top of practically every company's priority list. In the aftermath of COVID-19, many businesses are seeking to expansion to help them swiftly recoup sales and maintain economic stability.

Others see expansion as a means of gaining market share, capitalizing on consumer behavior shifts, or laying the groundwork for long-term success in the post-pandemic age.

Customer happiness and loyalty indicators can be improved through strategies that produce long-term revenue development. As businesses rapidly digitize client contacts to stay competitive in a turbulent market, the epidemic has hastened digital technology adoption by several years.

In this sense, SMS and multi-channel marketing remains an expansive channel that can help you acquire a competitive advantage. Text messages, by definition, are personal and, when done correctly, feel human. Text messaging is more than just a means of communication; it's also a powerful strategic tool for businesses, especially when SMS and multi-channel messaging are paired with automation.

Text automation can help firms become more efficient by implementing customized communication processes and workflows.

Customer experience is a critical business component that is crucial to digital transformation. Customer experience innovation and enhancement is a critical component of a company's growth and success. According to Mckinsey, a customer experience digital transformation can boost a company's income by 20% to 50%.

Benefits of rapid and sustainable growth.

Creating momentum –

When your firm has momentum, everything seems to move forward; things get done, incidents occur, staffs are proactive, clients are happy, and amazing outcomes are achieved.

Motivation is created through momentum. Motivation breeds opportunity, which in turn breeds results. That's how it works, and it's why every entrepreneur needs to understand how to build momentum in their company.

Defy the desire to do more in order to attract more clients in a larger market. In truth, having too many options dilutes client interest in your existing market and complicates your production, marketing, and support tasks.

Prioritize attracting more of the correct clients. Text messages are intended for everyone with a modern mobile device and access to a cell phone signal. As a result, you may instantly contact millions of individuals, anytime, anywhere.

SMS and multi-channel messaging is a natural fit for our mobile-sedentary life style. This explains why mobile messaging (98 percent) has a far higher open rate than email (15-25 percent).

Despite the fact that text messaging has surpassed the use of direct phoning, it still allows for a two-way personal discussion. That kind of attention to marketing material is priceless for firms.

Boosting investor confident - Provide Value with Exclusive Offers, Create Alerts for Upcoming Sales, Use Prompts for Personalized Messaging, and other SMS and multi-channel marketing strategies will help you improve sales.

Early in a change, meeting or exceeding revenue targets can signal to investors that a company is on course to achieve its broader transformation goals.

Initiating Effective and centralized communication. -

Businesses must focus on true engagement to develop strong, long-term connections with customers that improve loyalty and enable greater business outcomes.

You can drive targeted product suggestions, enhance customer service and response times, and personalize consumer communications across all touchpoints with centralized communication platform technologies.

The software has a delectably simple user interface that allows you to manage all of your client conversations in one place, regardless of how they reached out to you. Customers will feel understood, will never have to repeat their narrative, and will trust that your company is looking out for their best interests.

Industries That Can Use SMS Marketing To Help Increase Business

The healthcare industry - Missed appointments are the most common source of revenue loss. You can utilize SMS and multi-channel marketing to send appointment reminders to your clients at certain times, such as one week and one day ahead of time.

According to a recent study, using SMS and multi-channel messaging for patient reminders reduced no-shows and late arrivals substantially. Other uses for text messaging include providing health advice or unique time-sensitive promotions on your products and services.

Education –

One of the most innovative applications of text marketing is in the field of education. Administrators and teachers have the ability to communicate with parents and kids about forthcoming holidays, exam dates, and assignment due dates, parent-teacher conferences, and security alerts.

Supermarkets have employed business Texting to reassure customers about the precautions they've made to ensure the safety of their customers in-store and via their online delivery services.

Restaurants have used text messaging to reach out to consumers in order to encourage contact-free deliveries that 'keep everyone safe.'

What is REVENUE LEVERS and how to achieve

Targeted Selling Programs -

Sales of strategic items or services, or sales to specific client segments, can be boosted by, for example, sending an SMS message. However, sending an SMS message alone isn't enough to boost sales.

Receivers must clearly see value in your communication in order to see outcomes. You can deliver exclusive offers to new and existing customers to boost customer engagement and encourage action.

Generate coupons and offers for your SMS recipients. You can also send special offers to customers depending on their previous behavior or purchases.

Revenue Assurance - Failure to collect revenue earned from contractual services or sold items can be discovered and prevented. With end-to-end data, technology, and proactive services, you can increase profitability and reduce risk. Spam analysis and protection, as well as revenue assurance on SMS and multi-channel messaging interconnects. They will preserve their own revenue sources while also ensuring that their subscribers get the best possible user experience.

Staying connected with the customers –

Use bots or agents to provide tailored help to customers via their preferred chat apps. Add this simple, cost-effective mobile solution. Through chat, you can easily connect with your agents and consumers at any time. Use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Signal, Telegram, and website Chat bots to communicate with your consumers.


It is impossible to overestimate the value of communication during times of crisis. Mobile messaging's reach makes it a perfect medium for interaction during this time, helping to alleviate anxiety and ensuring that clients receive the best possible service in the most convenient manner.

Multichannel messaging has numerous advantages for both businesses and consumers. Customers are more inclined to behave and trust a firm when they are exposed to a campaign across many platforms. Our multi-channel messaging solution is simple and user-friendly. You can take proactive measures by creating a transparent, two-way communication platform through your campaigns.

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