How convenience and customer experience has become a major trigger of purchase decisions

Admin . 22nd March, 2022 . 2 Min Read

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the global community is facing one of its greatest crises in history, and businesses all around the world are scrambling to discover new methods to stay relevant.

Some companies have made significant changes and taken big initiatives to rethink their consumer models.

It's no wonder that mobile handheld devices have become an even more vital part of our everyday lives in a time when social distancing has become the "standard." Businesses have seen the surge in mobile device usage and have begun to rethink their communication strategies, expanding to incorporate text marketing in a way that gives a direct, concise, and enjoyable experience for their customers.

Consumers are more likely than ever to shop, eat, and work from home. This move presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses who wish to use SMS advertising to boost their brand-to-customer relationships. COVID-19 has had an impact on several purchasing objectives. Getting in the minds of these consumers provide the key input when creating an organization’s renewed roadmap.

Ways to connect with your consumers.

  1. Digital communication platform (SM)

    It's all about the customer's choices in digital marketing. In multichannel marketing, a company allows customers to shop through their preferred channel whenever and wherever they choose. Clients establish trust and loyalty when you employ multi-channel marketing because they see the same message across multiple channels.

    Multi-channel marketing helps you to provide extra touch points for your clients while also engaging them with valuable content. Make your customers feel special by personalizing your messaging. Talito allows you to schedule communications to ensure that they reach your consumers on time. Obtaining information on your prospective customers' demographics and purchasing habits can be time-consuming and costly.

    Data collecting is made a little easier with multi-channel marketing. You can readily learn about your customer thanks to the many channels you use in multi-channel marketing.

  2. A dose of something to inspire the customer. (SMS)

    SMS marketing is great tools that may help your company grow. This comprises using SMS to provide promotional materials and transactional communications. This can take the shape of special offers, promotions, or loyalty benefits

    It might also be a reminder of an appointment or an invitation to participate in a survey. Text message marketing is simple, cost-effective, interactive, and engaging.

    As we live in a world that is progressively becoming more digitally focused, an SMS marketing campaign is a vital tool to use to help your business develop.

  3. A safe and trusted environment to shop

    Whether clients choose to purchase online or in - store, brands must come up with new strategies to ensure that they have a safe and entertaining experience. Here are a few examples of how text messaging can assist business in implementing a touchless approach

    • Allow clients to schedule up an appointment, receive a reminder, and confirm their time slot through text to facilitate social distancing.
    • You may notify consumers via text when their order is ready for curbside pickup.
    • Orders can be delayed or even lost during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year season when offices are especially busy. With order, delivery, and return monitoring via Text, provide customers peace of mind when shopping online

What pragmatic steps to take


The development of brand awareness for a product or service is critical. The basis of any successful venture is brand recognition. Customers' perceptions of your brand determine your company's growth and progress

Text marketing is one of the quickest ways to reach out to a wide range of customers and engage with them in a tailored fashion. One of the easiest ways to raise brand recognition and develop client connections is through SMS marketing.

It is a fantastic advertising medium for every type of business or sector because it is the most cost-effective instrument

How can Text marketing help you raise brand awareness?

Maintain contact with clients. Communication is essential for gaining customer loyalty and improving customer relations

Provide value: The goal of texting is to improve customer satisfaction and service quality, not only to publicize a brand. Sending personalized offers based on the needs and preferences of customers, exclusive deals for loyal customers, product user manuals, suggestions, and guidance are just a few examples of excellent ways of offering value and providing support

Create an intriguing text. A text that is brief, concise, and relevant is more captivating and simpler to capture the attention of customers. The message should be no more than 160 characters long.


Text message advertising is the practice of sending customers text messages with promotions, specials, or news updates. You can send bulk SMS to tens, hundreds, or thousands of customers at once, or you can engage with customers one-on-one

Adding a personal touch to your message is a surefire method to make a memorable promotional SMS. Businesses must design communications based on the demographics of their target audience

Centralized communication platform

The software offers a deliciously easy user interface that allows you to handle all of your customer conversations in one location, regardless of how they contacted you. To collaborate quicker and reply faster, centralize all consumer communication channels in one spot. You'll never be without context or substance with Talito

The COVID-19 epidemic is affecting consumer values, habits, consumption patterns, and spending habits in an irreversible way

Companies must move immediately to establish a growth strategy centered on what they should do now, tomorrow, and beyond COVID-19 to reimagine their future around evolving customer habits in order to stay relevant. Text marketing is incredibly effective, with open rates over 90% and click-through rates exceeding 35%

Building and maintaining customer connections, on the other hand, takes time, and sending the appropriate message at the right moment can make all the difference. So, to get you started on using SMS for business to improve your customer acquisition and retention efforts.

During the pandemic, WhatsApp chatting activity increased by 40%, while Facebook Messenger usage increased by 50%. These platforms are an excellent way for shops to communicate with their customers even when they are not purchasing. Retain existing or acquire new customers by launching new loyalty campaigns or innovate by introducing a recommerce model


Text messaging is the most effective communication tool for breaking through barriers and reaching people where they want to be reached. SMS and multi-channel messaging are powerful tools that may be utilized to efficiently communicate with customers and increase client engagement

There is no better time than now to start a text messaging communication business to convey messages to your consumers and prospects. They will be grateful

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