Reasons Customers Prefer Texting Over Calling.

Admin . 18th January, 2022 . 2 Min Read

People prefer to use phones for messaging rather than for their primary function of making phone calls. According to an AT&T Market Survey, 98 percent of phone consumers utilize text messaging on a regular basis.

Customers can access information from their phones before they ever enter a business, making 60 percent of them feel more confident and prepared. Increased phone usage has added benefits for a variety of industries, including retail, and restaurants. For a variety of reasons, messaging has proven to be more convenient than calling. As a result, an increasing number of individuals prefer to do business with companies that use a communication platform, such as SMS or multi-channel messaging.

Users prefer texting to calling since it has several benefits.


Only a portion of your attention is required when typing a message. It does not necessitate any further preparations. This way, you can fit it in with anything else you have planned. Texting is an ideal mode of communication for today's hectic times because it provides you so much ease and freedom. Especially because it is capable of transferring and delivering a message in any situation. This is one of the most compelling reasons why businesses are increasingly using SMS and multi-channel messaging to communicate with their customers.

The fastest option

If a consumer has to choose between calling or texting to find out if their item has been delivered, texting is usually the most preferred and fastest option. They merely ask the question and go on; the response will be read later. When making a phone call, the customer must complete the full process at once, which takes more time.

Improved accessibility

It's difficult to communicate when there are a lot of background noises. Texting is thus impervious to background noise, bad cell network connectivity, and even technological issues such as low speaker or microphone quality.

A written record

Many consumers prefer text messages because they provide a written record of the details they communicated, which can be useful later – for example, obtaining a tracking number, checking the balance, or checking a price of an item.

Text messaging is appealing to people of all ages, not simply your younger clientele

When it comes to regular communication between people, one-to-one text messaging is a given. Texting is a popular conversation channel among people of all ages since it does not require users to learn a new program or navigate a sophisticated UI.

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