The fundamentals of creating great SMS marketing content.

Admin . 11th January, 2022 . 2 Min Read

SMS, like any other marketing channel, requires proper execution in order to yield the best results. Because of its 98% open rate and potential to promote other channels, SMS has become one of the most successful marketing platforms for SMB business owners. Here are some recommendations to create great SMS marketing content.

The format should be appropriate for the purpose.

The first thing to consider is your SMS message's purpose: are you sending an update, a reminder, or an offer? Updates and reminders should be brief and to the point, while also containing any pertinent information, such as times, addresses, and - don't forget – any contact information in case the customer needs to change their delivery or appointment.

If you're sending a coupon, discount code, or loyalty offer, the tone has to be compelling and attractive in order for consumers to click through and take advantage of your offer. Make certain that the message is clear. Multi-channel messaging may be the answer if you wish to send something more graphical. Sending a multi-channel message with a picture, video, or audio file can dramatically increase your audience engagement.

The Value Proposition

When sending an SMS to your customers or clients, keep in mind that you are invading their personal space. Don't squander people's time with insignificant discounts. Keep in mind that SMS is a secure medium. Don't take advantage of the opportunity. Be a considerate visitor.

The target market

If your company or business is attempting to reach out to the younger audience, make sure the offer is relevant and the language utilized is in line with their own.

Speak their language and use the current buzzwords and acronyms to persuade youthful users to take advantage of your products. It's also critical to remember to keep a professional attitude and be true to your brand. As a result, you should avoid using slang at all costs. Avoid segregating your phrase use by gender, as recent research have revealed that popular opinion is moving against items and straplines that reflect societal gender inequalities.

Personalize as much as you can.

One of the advantages of SMS marketing is that it allows for the creation of customized content. This also helps to increase campaign participation and interest. For optimum interest, customize messages based on their previous visit, purchasing behavior, and time of day they visited. Text messaging can help businesses create and strengthen visitor connections and build loyalty when used as part of a multi-channel marketing plan that includes WhatsApp, email, social media content, and offers.

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