Several well-known SMS marketing misconceptions have been debunked.

Admin . 6th January, 2022 . 2 Min Read

In January 2021, the total number of mobile connections in Sri Lanka was 141.7% of the entire population. Many marketers, however, are skeptical that text messaging is not a viable technique for attracting and converting clients, so they don't even attempt it.

Several Texting myths seem to be circulating, which are the main cause of reticence in embracing SMS promos and building a text message marketing plan. However, those SMS myths are just that: ill-informed illusions.

  1. SMS recipients will require a smartphone or additional software to receive messages.

  2. Since the first Short Message Service (SMS) was transmitted in 1992, it has become available on practically all mobile phones without the need for additional software. SMS facility is included in all mobile phones. To receive and send text messages, you don't need a smartphone or any special software. All you need is a mobile device and a mobile connection.

  3. SMS communications are only used by Millennials and Generation Z.

  4. These are the most common text message marketing myths we encounter. Most people wake up and check their phones within 3 minutes, according to the Text Communication Report. Almost all customers will check their phones every 30 minutes at the absolute least.

    According to surveys, younger customers between the ages of 18 and 29 use their mobile devices at least 7 times per hour more than older generations. Consumers over the age of 60, on the other hand, view their phones three or more times every hour on average. According to the 2019 survey, 69 percent of all consumers, including 75 percent of those under 44 years old, would like to be able to contact a firm via SMS.

  5. People find business SMS messages annoying.

  6. This is just another fallacy that keeps many marketers from including SMS marketing into their business plans. They believe that doing so will anger and alienate their clients, who will regard their SMSs as spam.

    This could not be further from the truth, as most individuals prefer to hear from their favorite companies. In fact, 70% of consumers believe text messaging is an effective way for firms to communicate with them.

  7. It's a one-way communication mode.

  8. When most people think about SMS marketing, they think of one-way communication, such as sending customers coupons, discounts, and other special offers. Businesses have just recently been interested in two-way communication

    Two-way SMS isn't as obvious as other SMS marketing strategies. Nonetheless, it enables your company to nurture leads and engage directly with customers.

  9. Buying bulk-SMS is a costly service.

  10. When purchasing in bulk, like with other purchases, it is usually more cost-effective. Depending on your SMS provider, purchasing in bulk may save you money. In comparison to other communication channels, SMS may be the most cost-effective medium for rapid, dependable, and direct messaging for your organization.

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