How text messaging can help you improve communication with your employees and between teams.

Admin . 16th December, 2021 . 2 Min Read

Unfortunately, as much as we'd want to assume that everyone spends their time at work working, this isn't practical. A good communication plan will help you connect with your staff more effectively, which will keep them more engaged.

Ways to Communicate with Employees and Between Teams

Send reminders even at the last minute

Send a brief reminder if you have a meeting coming up. Even if your employees aren't at their computers, there's a strong chance they'll have their phones handy and receive the reminder.

Remind employees about mandatory trainings.

A human resources department's task of keeping track of and ensuring that all employees attend obligatory trainings is difficult. You may remind staff of forthcoming events that are critical to the efficient operation of your organization with a simple text message.

Security Warnings.

While we prefer not to consider the worst-case scenarios, it is nevertheless necessary to be prepared. If a lockdown or other emergency occurs, send an emergency text message to your staff right away.

Quarries about Payroll

Every week, most human resources departments receive a slew of questions about payroll/clock-in, clock-out times. Text messaging saves time by avoiding the time spent answering phone calls and emails. Text messaging makes answering such queries easier.

Get in Touch with Your Remote Employees

Work in the twenty-first century does not always resemble a regular office job. There's still a need to keep your staff informed, even if some of them are traveling or working from home. Texting is a terrific way to stay in touch with your remote staff and keep them up to date on status updates.

Internal Employee Communication Features of SMS and multi-channel messaging.


Organize your staff by department, team, or any other useful classification. Using segments, you can send messages to a single individual, a whole team, or the entire company.


Include a name in your mails as an extra politeness that makes employees feel like they are being recognized. Department names, birthdays, and other custom fields can be included to messages.

Send your files.

You can insert photos and files in addition to links.

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