How to Use a Text Messaging System to Improve the Efficiency of Your Helpdesk?.

Admin . 14th December, 2021 . 2 Min Read

Running a well-functioning helpdesk may greatly improve customer satisfaction, benefiting both customers and businesses. Maintaining a support desk, on the other hand, requires tremendous resources. Fortunately, you can utilize a text messaging tool to lessen your staff's workload and increase the efficiency of your helpdesk.

Benefits of Helpdesk Productivity

  • Customer satisfaction - SMS customer service allows you to communicate with your clients on a more personal level. Texting, from a customer perspective feels far less official than emails or phone calls- which feels distant and professional. Texting is faster and more precise than calling or sending an email. You can exchange information more quickly with SMS and multi-channel messaging, resulting in faster solutions for your customers.

  • Business expansion- it’s easier for your firm to develop, evolve, and expand if you can swiftly respond to client issues and complaints.

  • Increased employee morale - enhanced employee morale is a result of higher customer satisfaction and organizational growth. Employees will also appreciate being able to remain organized and productive throughout the day.

  • Consumer demand- given how omnipresent text messaging has become over time, it's easy to see why so many people choose it as a mode of communication. In January 2021, the total number of mobile connections in Sri Lanka was 141.7% of the entire population.

How Can a Text Messaging Tool Assist You?

A text messaging solution can significantly increase the effectiveness of your helpdesk. Clients can text their queries or problems to the helpdesk at any time, rather than calling and being put on hold.

  • The ability to have many discussions at the same time - text messaging allows your helpdesk professionals to have interactions with multiple customers at the same time. This increases employee efficiency and reduces client wait times. Confusion is also lessened because conversations are isolated to individual threads where all prior messages are immediately visible.

  • Customers benefit from the privacy provided by texting- customers can SMS your support desk without worrying about their inquiries or worries being overheard.

  • Texting is immediate - instead of waiting for your team members to answer the phone, customers may text their message to the helpdesk right away. Customers who are unable to reach the helpdesk during business hours will find this useful.

  • Perfect record keeping - you'll have a record of all discussions between your customers and members of your staff if they use text messaging to contact the support desk. If you need to go back over a past conversation, you'll be able to do it quickly.

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