SMS and multi-channel messaging can help businesses solve problems..

Admin . 25th November, 2021 . 3 Min Read

With the use of SMS marketing businesses have the opportunity to use a simple, yet effective tool to solve many business requirements and problems quickly, economically, and efficiently. Using SMS for marketing and customer engagement could be a business owner's best friend if used properly. With Talito SMS's smarter SMS marketing, notifications, and two-way conversations, you are placed in a prime position to increase your sales and customer engagement.

Below are some scenarios that could prove the worthiness of businesses using SMS as a means to market their products to customers and to maintain customer engagement.

Resolve concerns with customer service

When it comes to customer service, today's customers have incredibly high expectations. They anticipate speaking or chatting with a customer support agent instantly without being put on hold. Moreover, customers might be unable to speak on a voice call due to a variety of factors, such as being at work or being on the go. Texting gives them the flexibility to answer when it's convenient for them, resulting in a significant shift in how customer service and customer expectations are managed.

Appointment or delivery services

Many deliveries or services require customers to have someone present at home to receive their packages. This is especially critical for companies that deliver delicate, large, or perishable items. However, deliveries may arrive at a planned meeting location only to discover that the customer is not present. Operations teams can leverage SMS to send delivery or appointment reminders via dispatch text messages that clients and customers are likely to check.

Send out promotions right away

SMS’ are ideal for promoting sales and other limited-time offers. Sending targeted and personalized communications to your consumers, as well as making them feel like VIPs, are excellent strategies to advertise your company and to drive conversions. Make it worth a customer's time to sign up for your SMS loyalty program by delivering them exclusive offers they can't get anywhere else.

Reduce the time it takes for internal communication.

Sending SMS messages to employees as well as customers is an excellent alternative to phone calls. Changing the date or time of a staff meeting or notifying staff members of significant changes can save you a lot of time and improve your overall services. You may boost the productivity of your business and prevent wasting time unnecessarily by eliminating communication delays.

When customer assistance is provided via text messaging, all previous interactions are readily available for the employee to observe and comprehend the situation, similar to a personal text message thread. Any customer care representative can jump in and handle any circumstance with text messages because they will have a record of the conversation and issue and will not have to spend time resolving the problem.

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