How SMS and multi-channel messaging can benefit Real Estate businesses.

Admin . 23rd November, 2021 . 2 Min Read

The impact and recovery from the current pandemic will be determined by the virus's length and spread, which is still unknown, as well as the future trajectory of economic activity recovery. Selling a house has become more difficult in Sri Lanka due to the economic crisis. For a long time, real estate brokers would place an ad in the local newspaper indicating that a house was available and hold an open house the next weekend. Those tactics are no longer applicable as technology and the world advance, especially with clientele who are busier than ever.

Bulk SMS and multi-channel messaging are two solutions that could assist real estate brokers to convert leads into sales. Every successful real estate transaction starts with the agent or broker making contact with the lead. As a result, it's critical to follow up with a prospect as soon as possible. Text message marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with your prospects today. It's a quick and dependable way to get in touch with potential consumers. You must remain innovative and competitive in the market as a real estate agent or a business owner. Make the most of every marketing channel accessible to you and use it to your advantage. Text message marketing is an important channel to include in your sales funnel or process.

Bulk-message marketing that will help you grow your real estate business:

  1. Share new property listings.

  2. Schedule for appointments- Make the process of scheduling appointments easier.

  3. Send clients reminders/updates - You may build up your workflows to send automated text messages to clients to remind them of crucial dates you've entered into the system.

  4. Re-engage cold leads. - Cold leads are consumers who have opted-in but have never engaged with your brand at the start of your sales cycle. Or had previously communicated with you but have since dropped for whatever reason. So you would want to start sending SMS messages to those leads to warm them up.

  5. Maintain contact with previous clients.

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