Why Bulk SMS and multi-channel messaging is important for the hotel & hospitality industry?.

Admin . 19th November, 2021 . 2 Min Read

When it comes to hotels or the hospitality industry, excellent customer service is non-negotiable. These are the industries where you must maintain consistent communication with your customers and follow a detailed schedule. Talito recognizes the need for scalability in your operational system, which is why our SMS and multi-channel messaging solutions have been tailored to specific messaging needs via different messaging platforms.

SMS messaging demonstrates that not only is it critical for hotels to ensure that their websites are mobile-friendly, but it also helps to understand SMS and multi-channel messaging as an excellent instrument for all marketing operations in the hotel industry to achieve business success.

How to leverage SMS and multi-channel messaging at each stage of the consumer journey.

Prior to the arrival of the guest-

Nothing is more detrimental to your business than an empty hotel room. Why not use text messaging to deliver special room discounts and specials to reduce vacancy rates, especially during slow business periods?

Reminders through SMS improves customer experience by sending a reminder message to your customers a day or two before their scheduled arrival.

Throughout their visit-

Set up two-way SMS, which allows visitors to send a text message for services surrounding your hotel, to relieve the burden on your customer support team and make it easier for them to organize basic services.

Suggestions through text - Increase your customer service by providing your guests' ideas to do during the stay. eg- Sri Lankan cultural activities, restaurants, bars, and experiences in the neighborhood.

When checking out- Allowing guests to text the front desk to check out will streamline and simplify the check-out process.

Following departure-

Text a Stay Survey Message - One of the most efficient strategies to get your guests to leave a review is to send them a text message after their stay.

Loyalty programs - Customer loyalty programs are one of the most effective strategies to keep and reward customers, increase sales, and expand your business.

Nothing is more vital than maintaining a positive relationship with your guests in the hotel and in the hospitality industry. Start building successful SMS marketing campaigns with Talito should you want to exceed your guests' expectations.

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