How Bulk SMS and Bulk multi-channel messaging can benefit NGOs and Community groups.

Admin . 9th November, 2021 . 2 Min Read

Non-governmental organizations take pride in helping the community they live and work in. At times, NGOs find it hard to get the message across to their target audiences or get responses back from them. Bulk SMS allows us to maintain an active relationship with a variety of people while also informing and alerting them of services.

While not everyone has access to the internet, in January 2021, Sri Lanka had 30.41 million mobile connections, which implies they could send and receive text messages. When 90% of text messages are opened within 5 minutes, it makes sense to adopt text messaging as a primary messaging platform for NGOs. Bulk SMS Service for NGOs and Community Groups is an excellent tool that is both economical and effective.

Investing in a bulk texting service for your organization can help you reach out to your target audience quickly, enhance event attendance, and make stronger donor appeals.

Text messaging can be used by nonprofits in a variety of ways

  • Provide useful resources and information to the groups that your NGO serves.

  • Organize and attract volunteers

  • Distribute donation appeals and updates.

  • Interact with teams.

  • Make contributing easy for people by sending text messages notifying them of the nearest site where they can contribute money. This increases credibility and improves overall efficiency.

  • Using text messaging, you can inform others about the social difficulties that our country is facing and encourage them to come forward and support the poor portions of society.

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