How to utilize Talito at your education institute.

Admin . 4th November, 2021 . 2 Min Read

At educational institutions all throughout the world, SMS services are commonly used. Teachers, students, and parents use them as a valuable, but underutilized, communication tool.

The numbers speak for themselves: 9 out of 10 people have their smartphones with them at all times. Furthermore, text messaging is the most significant characteristic for 49% of teenagers and young adults when it comes to choosing a mobile device. What better (and less expensive) way for educational institutes and educators to communicate with a big group of students than through bulk SMS.

Text messages have started a revolution across academic institutions due to their high open and response rates. Whether it's for deadline reminders, text blasts, or emergency notifications, bulk SMS solutions are the most efficient and effective way to reach a large group of people.

  • Notify students of upcoming deadlines and exams -

  • Students can be reminded of class schedules (changes or new add-on classes), projects, assignment deadlines, enrollment, graduation, returning books, exam dates, and other significant events using Talito.

  • Remind students and parents of upcoming meetings

  • Using Talito's bulk text messaging features, you can send reminders for student meetings, club activities, concerts, or events, as well as parents to attend parents-teachers meetings etc.

  • Provide links to information about the course and grades

  • Educational institutes can use Talitos' embedded link feature to incorporate links to course information, bibliographies, books, school reports, and grade sheets.

  • Take Advantage of Two-Way Texting for Better Communication

  • SMS services can be used to boost alumni relations, speed up emergency bulletins or safety alerts, and provide graduation information. Also the recipient of the message can interact back with the sender increasing and streamlining effective communication.

  • Improved Internal Communication

  • Internal communication is simple with bulk SMS software. Schools can use two-way text messaging to keep staff members up to date on important information at all times.

Because of their high open rate, low prices, reliability, and deliverability, text messaging solutions are increasingly becoming the preferred method for businesses. Implementing text services has boundless commercial potential, and institutes that wish to stay on top are well aware of this.

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