How SMS and multi–channel messaging can be Effectively Used for Gyms & Fitness Centers

Admin . 22th October, 2021 . 2 Min Read

The fitness industry is rapidly expanding as an increasing number of people are becoming health-conscious and visit some form of a health establishment on a regular basis. However, as the owner of a gym or fitness center, you are well aware of the everyday communication and marketing challenges of keeping current members satisfied while also attracting new members. You're probably constantly experimenting with different marketing strategies to see what works? These marketing strategies are unquestionably vital, but they don’t always give you the best member-recruitment results. SMS and multi-channel messaging for gyms and health clubs is a novel, low-cost way to market fitness services while engaging members on a more personal level. According to ZipWhip data, 67% of clients prefer text messaging to phone calls or emails for scheduling and managing appointments. This demonstrates the importance of direct, real-time communication, which has been especially in-demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ways in which Gyms can utilize SMS and other multi–channel messaging platforms (ex: WhatsApp, Viber…..etc.):

  1. Reward your clients: reward your customers who have stayed on track with their fitness goals and have set an example to others. Discounts on membership fees, gift certificates, and other types of rewards are good proactive options.

  2. Schedule appointments - if signing up for classes or appointments is made simple, members and clients are more inclined to sign up and renew their membership.

  3. Send reminders - it's simple to remind your customers about classes, appointments, and activities they've registered for.

  4. Motivate clients - many people find it difficult to stick to a training plan. Motivate clients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by maintaining personalized communication messages.

  5. Payment notification - it should go without saying that you need members to pay their dues in order to keep your business running. Sending your members a payment notice message with a link to pay makes it simple for them to pay.

  6. Goals & milestone updates - to keep members engaged and coming back, make sure you talk about and track any personal goals they have. Send a weekly goal or milestone update message to keep members informed about their progress toward their objectives and to hold them accountable. People lose motivation all the time due to a variety of factors, but when they consider the amount of effort they have put in, it becomes more difficult for them to quit.

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