How to increase orders using bulk-SMS and multi-channel messaging

Admin . 13th October, 2021 . 2 Min Read

If anything the pandemic has taught us is that it has made businesses become even more resilient. Out of this resilience, one aspect of customer service has seen a rebirth of sorts- that is how businesses engage their customers. Businesses inherently understand the importance of being proactive in reaching out to their customers especially as we as a nation have gone into intermittent lockdowns over the past 18 months. SMS and multi-channel marketing will help you regain all of your old clients as well as new clients.

As of January 2021, Sri Lanka had 30 million mobile connections. Which meant that the number of mobile connections in Sri Lanka was equivalent to 14o% of the country’s entire population. SMS and other forms of multi-channel messaging are clearly the most popular method of communication today.

How To Use SMS and multi-channel messaging to improve customer engagement

  1. Offers and Discounts - Make your regular clients feel appreciated by sending them offers. Offer exclusive online order deals to your customers

  2. Send order updates following a sale - Texting your consumers to let them know how their order is progressing can keep them satisfied and informed. Be sure to include shipping and delivery dates in your update texts.

  3. COVID-19 Notifications - Many individuals are concerned about returning to the real world, and it is your responsibility to ensure that they are safe. If you run an online store, should also include information about delivery safety procedures.

  4. Warm Wishes - No business can exist without its customers, it is your responsibility to make them feel valued and appreciated. Send your customers a text message thanking them for their continued support and wishing them good health.

  5. Enable date-triggered SMS marketing messaging - It's critical to greet clients at key occasions in their lives, such as appointment reminders, birthdays, and cart notifications. Customer information should be updated in your database to reflect the most up-to-date profile status of your customers.

  6. Provide value to your clients – always make sure you have something to show customers when you send out a message. This could be a one-of-a-kind sale, a limited-time offer, or something else that would be important to them.

  7. Keep it brief and to the point- make your promo message as precise and succinct as possible. Everyone is busy, and no one wants to waste their time on their phone reading long text.

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