Why Use SMS to Communicate at Your Educational Institution and how to collect fees using SMS

Admin . 8th October, 2021 . 2 Min Read

SMS marketing can be used in a variety of ways by schools and educational institutions. It can undeniably speed up and simplify internal and external communication, while also being significantly more environmentally friendly than mailing letters or flyers. SMS marketing allows crucial communication to reach not just parents or guardians, but also teachers and students at a school. Prior to using bulk SMS service for reminders and informing, a college or institution may also utilize it to promote their business and generate leads.

Regardless of the type of educational institution, bulk-SMS messaging can be used to keep all parties up to date on developments or last-minute changes. Schools, universities, and educational institutions can all benefit from adopting such a customer engagement platform.

Ways schools and Educational Institutions can use bulk-SMS messaging

  1. Payment Reminder - Students will be aware and informed on time since SMS has greater open rates than email because SMS messages are sent directly to student mobiles. For example, as a result, students will be able to pay their semester fees on time.

  2. Emergency notifications, homework, and activities- SMS is extremely handy for teachers to send out mass SMS to students assigning homework. Aside from that, in the event of any special event, teachers can provide students and parents with the necessary information so that all stakeholders are given ample notice.

  3. Enables to provide students with notice of future exam schedules, term dates, and any other vital information.

  4. Provides students with links to their grades and other course-related information.

  5. Send critical information in a timely manner, such as school closures due to various reasons, or cancellation of any other impending event.

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