How retail stores can increase online & offline customer traffic via targeted bulk-SMS messaging

Admin . 5th October, 2021 . 2 Min Read

Your retail store business depends on customer traffic- for both on-site, and online. Therefore, it's crucial that you always look for fresh and innovative ways to increase your store’s customer traffic. Statistically, SMS messages have a read rate of 97% within the first 15 minutes. Moreover, 9 out of 10 customers prefer to receive any promotional messages from their favorite stores via a bulk-SMS service directly to their phone.

Most people, including 78% of Gen Z members consider their mobile phone to be their most crucial device when it comes to accessing the internet. As a retail store, you may increase customer engagement by reaching out to them quickly and conveniently where they already spend a majority of their time.

Bulk-SMS marketing for your retail business is a guaranteed strategy to meet your clients on their chosen channel and to boost sales. If a two-way communication mechanism is provided, say via a sharable chat-enabled link, then your customers can contact you in return regarding any of the promos they receive from you. This is especially beneficial for pre and post customer service actions, as two-thirds of consumers prefer texting versus calling. Modern consumers are busy and are not willing to play phone tag or to be put on hold.

Types of bulk-SMS marketing campaigns to consider

  1. Back in stock or new arrivals- personalized bulk-SMS messaging is a wonderful way to advertise when new stocks are back as it would result in greater message open rates.

  2. Special offers and discounts- Include an image of a single product as well as a unique offer or discount to encourage clients to purchase right away. Use this strategy for flash sales and when in need of quick inventory clearance.

  3. Loyalty programs – most successful businesses rely on repeat customers. Send personalized, and customized messages to your most loyal customers.

  4. Birthday notifications – remember them on their special day. Send a simple "Happy Birthday" note. Include a coupon to entice repeat store visits and purchases.

  5. Encourage product reviews and surveys- 84% of customers believe internet reviews as much as a personal suggestion. Therefore, maintain your product reviews and surveys to get to know if you are doing everything right. Add a review or survey link to your text message and share it with your customers.

An effective bulk-SMS messaging approach will always set your organization apart from the competition. By designing a transparent, two-way communication platform via your bulk-SMS campaigns you adopt proactive measures. Want to find out more about how Talito could be the best bulk SMS and multi-channel messaging solution for your business? Send your email inquiry to