5 SMS campaign ideas for restaurants

Admin . 1st October, 2021 . 2 Min Read

Most email inboxes are regularly flooded with emails, most of which are often ignored or deleted. A customer, on the other hand, when sent a text message to his or her phone, will open it and engage with it because it’s simply easy to attend to, and it’s personalized. This same process could be replicated by businesses to talk to and keep in touch with their customers. It is also a simple way to show clients that their loyalty is valued and appreciated.

Restaurants are one of the most customer-facing businesses in the field, regardless of their operations being on-site or purely delivery-based. They can also utilize messages to maximize their ‘contactability’ and ‘response times.’ It could be an update on the progress of delivery or a reminder about items left on an incomplete checkout cart. Nudging a customer towards a simple call-to-action (CTA) can enhance the customer experience and save them the hassle of searching for an email containing those same details. Furthermore, text messages demand immediate reaction; they can be effective in persuading clients to take action that they might otherwise put off.

Following are 5 SMS campaign ideas for restaurants:

  1. Weekly specials and limited-time offers: - customers love offers, and weekly specials are most likely to be the most prevalent promo text message sent by restaurants. This could also be an excellent time to introduce new dishes and menu items to your existing customer base.

  2. Order Confirmations - texting order confirmations, and delivery dispatches is a simple way to get individuals to join your customer list. Make it as personalized as possible, and offer instructions if the buyer needs to make changes to the order.

  3. Special Events - if your restaurant offers special themed events, sending a text announcement to your most loyal customers would be an excellent way to increase attendance.

  4. Coupons- almost every restaurant goes through reduced traffic. Delivering coupons via text message is a tried and true method to keep your tables/online orders full during these times.

  5. Polls and surveys- text marketing is an effective technique to learn about your customers' preferences. Changing up your menu, brainstorm a few options, and allowing your customers to assist will surely encourage them. Share a survey link with your customers via a text message and get them involved in the process.

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