How to use SMS and multichannel messaging to create a deeper level of (repeat) customer engagement

Admin . 27th September, 2021 . 2 Min Read

The number of mobile connections in Sri Lanka in January 2020 was equivalent to 149% of the country’s entire population. People are spending approximately 3 hours on their phones and are checking them at least 58 times each day. Many institutions and business owners are still unaware of the penetration and enhanced engagement that a bulk-SMS and multi-channel messaging campaign can bring to each of their businesses.

One of the growing pains for any new or existing business is “how do I acquire new customers, and how do I retain my existing customers?” Answer these two questions and you may unlock the secret to a sustainable business model. However, in the real world, problems are abundant, and solutions are nuanced. However, the complicated art of ‘communicating with customers’ can become a nagging headache reaching up to a level of a migraine if you don’t solve it quickly and efficiently. Establishing direct, two-way communication with customers is the most effective and efficient mode to communicate. Frequent SMS and multichannel messaging campaigns are the way to approach a customer through the art of ‘how to talk to your customers.’

Benefits of SMS and multichannel messaging

We live in a world of sensory overload. Engaging with end customers at the right time, using the right messaging channel can result in a large increase in sales. Cost-effective bulk messaging is less expensive, and easier to share than printed ads and/or flyers.

Further to that, establishing a loyal customer base can improve customer return rates if you create a customer loyalty program and continue to reward your existing customers with targeted offers and promotions.

How to choose the best SMS and multichannel messaging for your business

If you're just starting to look at multi-channel messaging services, these are some of the important ‘must-haves’ you will need to focus on

  • Many text messaging services allow you to text one-on-one with consumers or send mass SMS messages. However, sending messages out is just 50% of your responsibility. You also now need to be able to receive any replies, organize them accordingly, and then reply to them in the timeliest manner.

  • It’s nice to talk to all your customers and would-be customers using different channels, sometimes, the same customer from different channels. However, the more customers you acquire- this effort is going to take multiple people and multiple devices to accomplish. Wouldn’t it be simpler to have all your messaging channels integrated into one single dashboard and be able to talk to everyone from that dashboard itself?

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