Quick guide to build your customer base

Admin . 20th August, 2021 . 2 Min Read

Data collection is one of the most significant marketing activities for restaurants! (and most small businesses). This is the initial step in the direct marketing process, and it's where you'll start engaging and attracting new customers and keep those existing customers coming back to your venue. Customers are more likely to respond to messages that they have agreed to receive and that are tailored to their specific needs. But more importantly how can you get their initial contact details to build the database?

We'll give you a few pointers on how to gain a new customer's phone number every time they visit your restaurant. It's critical to keep track of each customer's information and to continue to treat them with respect. Some customers are unwilling to provide their contact information. So, here are a few options for gathering their information.

  1. Comment cards/feedback forms have been tried and tested all around the world. These are great for getting customer comments and contact information after a dinner. Present a pen to each visitor at the table, and you're sure to get a positive response. Not only will you gain their contact information, but you will also receive more information about their personal preferences.

    You'll have to manually enter these into your database, but the importance of the feedback you'll receive is undeniable.

  2. Whenever the cashier places the order or the server presents the customer's bill, simply ask for their phone number. You don't have to explain why; simply ask, "What's your phone number?"

  3. Offer discounts and reward loyalty. According to a recent study, 44 percent of consumers participate in loyalty/rewards programs at limited-service restaurants. Being a member of a restaurant's loyalty program makes individuals more likely to return and submit their contact information, according to eight out of ten people.

Finally, now that you've completed the first step, you're ready to go on to the next phase in the process of keeping your consumers coming back. Providing a high-quality, value-added experience, from the quality of the cuisine to the friendliness of the service.