How to Get Ahead in Telecommunication with an Omni Channel Engagement Platform?

Admin . 14th December, 2022 . 2 Min Read

To maximize customer retention, telecommunications need to create a better customer experience, delivering customers' information when and where they need it. An Omni channel platform provides the opportunity for telecommunications to create better customer intel so that customers can be identified. They introduce upsell and cross-sell opportunities at the correct times to the right customers for better results.

An Omni Channel engagement platform can certainly provide the ease of using Omni channel campaigns, where telecommunication marketers can create more innovative messages and better digital experiences across apps, push notifications, email, SMS, and other channels.

Benefits of Shifting into an Omni Channel Engagement Platform

It is crucial for telecommunication brands to keep their communication lines open everywhere with fast, reliable, and effective engagement on the best channels for their customers. These brands need to position an Omni channel to provide customer-centric solutions because telecommunications will be the key enabler for technological advancements when it comes to providing superior customer services, therefore telecommunications have a higher responsibility of providing their customers with standardized services.

Switching to an Omni channel engagement platform could benefit a Telco in some significant ways:

1. Increased customer loyalty - Telecommunications drive customer loyalty by supporting personalization, enhancing customer loyalty programs, and gathering data insights across all channels for comprehensive customer analytics, just by adapting to an Omni channel engagement platform.

2. Increased price flexibility – With an Omni channel engagement platform, telecommunications can learn more about buying behaviors and purchasing history to determine how customers are interacting with the Telco brand.

3. Increased upsell and cross-sell opportunities - Telcos can send emails, texts, push notifications, and even direct mail to recommend complementary items and upgrades. In-store, an excellent example of this idea is the ship-to-store feature, which saves customers on delivery costs while opening opportunities for in-store purchases of complimentary items or impulse buys.


Aside from a few positive examples, for most telecommunication companies, multi-channel is still the way things are done, at least in practice. What keeps telecommunication companies from achieving Omni channel excellence is the number of common blockers, with legacy software and technology integrations. The current legacy infrastructure and outdated point-to-point integration make it difficult to implement time-efficient changes and unlock seamless data flow between the separately built systems.

Customer experience becomes the primary differentiator for telcos as a result of aggressive competition and incredibly elusive customers. Telcos can implement a true Omni channel engagement platform and provide a seamless experience by relying on a customer engagement platform.

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