Customer Advancement through Podcasts

Admin . 14th September, 2022 . 3 Min Read

The cyber premise is infinitely filled with videos and podcasts on various topics and discussions, and people have a variety of choices when it comes to choosing what to watch or listen to depending on their personal preferences. This can be of any topic from intellectual discussions to annotated bibliographies, whereas enterprise owners have got two choices to deal with:

  1. Start your own podcast

  2. Provide access to podcasts that your customers listen to

Comparison between these two methods can be irrelevant when it comes to the stability of the business, yet using the widely spread and delivered podcasts and videos can be used as a tool to uplift a business.

The Aid of Podcasts and Videos for a Business

Listening to podcasts solely depends on the listener’s choice, therefore doing market research and starting a company’s podcast could be extra work and result in unwanted expenses. Moreover, if the company already has its blog and infographics a podcast is just another repetition for customers.

Furthermore, salespeople are the representatives of the solutions a company has developed over time. They can lend a hand not only to educate a customer on how features work but also how some unique features of a product or service can be specifically beneficial.

Ways a podcast can be promoted through a customer engagement service:

  1. Use IM/Social Media – the method of notifying the subscribers through a simple text message that includes the link to the podcast can be used as a major marketing tool to get along with the podcaster as well as his listeners.

  2. Through emails – thanks to the CRM system a business is able to know the praises and complaints of customers, on the contrary looking at the customer reviews and demands it is easy to send the relevant podcast link through a typical formal email.

  3. Through educational material on the organization’s website – As the official website of a company consists of eBooks, datasheets, and case studies it is always possible to include a podcast link that leads to further details of the subject.

How Beneficial Can Podcast Marketing be?

As is discussed throughout this blog a company’s own podcast can be too much work, while finding a real passionate podcaster is the best way to elevate a business and gather an advanced number of customers.

The real benefit here is that the enterprise or business doesn’t need to bother about the content (only the content type) being created as long as promoting the podcast is done formally and rationally.


In contrast, people will always listen to and watch what they want, whereas an Omni channel engagement platform can provide the necessary requirements for an organization so that the customers can precisely select the preferred podcast or video through their communication with the service provider.

To try this out a business would need a Customer Engagement Platform to form connections and promotions, and that is how Talito can help to make a positive impact.

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